The FURY - Features a sleek cylindrical design with a smooth midsize profile and of course the XSPEX magnetic lens release system making it easier than ever to swap lenses as lighting and weather conditions change around you.

  • Ultra comfortable fit with 3 layers of ultra-soft foam to keep you dry and comfortable all day. 
  • Strategic venting and Anti-Fog double lens design ensure crystal clear vision. 
  • Expansive FULL REVO cylindrical lens shape allows for superior visibility in all mountain conditions. 
  • 100% UV Protection even at high altitudes. 
  • Has 13% VLT Rating for maximum glare protection on those bright sunny days.
  • BONUS***  Low-light CLEAR Lens included 
  • Extra grippy silicone backed strap for maximum stability on your helmet
  • Dual strap slide adjustments.
  • Soft microfiber pouch and vented protective case for travel and storage protection.


Don't forget about our *Lifetime Warranty!

FURY - MAG Goggle + Low-Light 2nd Lens

Lens Color