The RECON - The Smart Goggle to keep you safe!  Use the optional magentic face shield (Gaiter) to take the edge off cold and keep pesty particulate away!

Your crystal clear cylindrical FULL REVO lens paired with the matt olive frame and strap design come together to give you a fresh new stylish look. The MAGNETX magnetic lens technology allows you to quickly change and adapt your lens to any light conditions.

The RECON come to you with a 3 layer ultra-soft foam barrier for a tight dry seal and comfortable fit all day long.  The new design is also TOUGH!  It's made from state-of-the-art TPU material to hold up against the toughest elements.  Behind the main lens we provide you with a  double Anti-Fog Italian lens to ensure fog free crystal clear vision at all times.  100% UV Protection even at high altitudes.  Has 19% VLT Rating for maximum glare protection on those bright sunny days. BONUS***  Night Lens Included  Extra grippy strap for maximum stability on your helmet and a dual slide strap adjustment.   Don't forget about our Lifetime Warranty!




40% VLT Rose Lens.  Visit the ACCESSORIES section to add it to your order.


Our latest Add-On  is the Magnetic ultra-soft face shield (Gaiter).  Take the edge off cold with a cool new look. Also available in the ACCESSORIES section



RECON - MAG Goggle + Low-Light 2nd Lens